What do you do when someone bumps your car?

Many people tend to panic and not know what to do whenever someone accidentally bumps their car. But what should you do if a sudden accident happens? First of all if you feel it safe to do so proceed with getting the person who bumps you and politely asks for his name, address, contact number and insurance company before the police to arrive. Do not move your vehicle because you may lose some evidence if you do so. Call the police if you feel the damage on your car is that costly because the police can negotiate the both of you peacefully. Tell the police what happened and make sure you don’t lie for it can backfire on you if you do so. If the counterpart disagrees with the agreement you offer you can proceed to a legal case. If you are sure and the police agree that it is the counterpart’s fault you can use their insurance instead of yours. Whatever the reason is don’t engage with any physical contact with the counterpart even if the moment is too heated up.