What to do when a car bumps you?

This kind of accidents is not new out there on the streets because of all the undisciplined drivers out there. But what if this happens to you, what are the proper precautions you must do? Well, of course, all of this given that you are still able to stand before the accident. First of all, you need to calm yourself down and position yourself in a safer zone. Check your body and make sure everything is good and you don’t feel dizzy. The second thing that you must do is you must keep the driver in your eyes and never let him walk away until the authorities arrive. Most of the times drivers walk away whenever they hit someone that’s what there is a lot of hits and run cases. You must not let him walk away after the incident. While waiting for the police to get information from the drive ask for his name or contact number. Ask for his driver’s license and if he fails to present one charge will be more dreadful for him.